2019 IAWA Old Time Strongman World Postal Championship

From promoter Al Myers:

After the success of last year’s inaugural OTSM World Postal, John Mahon and I have decided to continue with the promotion again this year.   This years competition dates are July 20th-21st.

Now for a little “background” on this postal competition. It is much different than the other postal meets we have.

  • It will be held over a weekend only and all lifts must happen at this time
  • It will always be held at only one venue per participating country
  • Each country will have a promoter for the event, and provide the venue

The reason for these added stipulations is to give more credibility to the event.  Since all lifts will be done at a set venue at the same time, with the same set of officially recognized officials there is no question to the validity of this World Championship.  Also, I like the idea of everyone world wide doing the lifts at the same time, almost like a meet we are all at together.  There are different lifts chosen this year to give a new challenge to everybody.

ENTRY FORM (WORD)- 2019 OTSM World Postal Entry Form

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2019 OTSM World Postal Entry Form

Once completed, please send your completed forms to me this year instead of John.  I would like everyone to please use the prepared form for the official scoresheet to minimize submission errors.

UK Promoters – Scotland – Andy Tomlin & Matthew Finkle, Wales – Neil Keddy, England – Phil Crisp & Nick Swain.


**Southern Shield – Change of Date**

**Southern Shield – Change of date**
Please note: The Southern Shield Competition will now be Sunday 18th August (not 26th May). The lifts remain the same: 2 Dumbbells Clean & Press, Bent Arm Pullover and the Trap Bar Deadlift.

Apologies for the change, it should spread the events out a bit and allow more lifters to take part, especially with the British All-Round coming soon.

Postal League Leg 2 Results

You will find the latest results in full here.

Many thanks to Christopher Bass for his work in compiling the results and confirming the records.

Our top 3 teams were Granby1, Castlemilk and MetamorFIT1 –

Well Done Lifters!.

Congratulations to our top 3 lifters this leg – Steve Sherwood, Mark Godleman and Paul Barette!

Postal League Leg 1 Results

The All-Round Postal League Results have been uploaded to the website and can be found here.

Many thanks to Christopher Bass for collating and record confirmations. A very warm welcome to our newest lifters! ?️‍♀️Congratulations to Granby, Castlemilk and MetamorFIT1 for being the top 3 teams. The top 3 lifters for this leg were Steve Sherwood, Steve Andrews and Gary Ell!

The top 3 lifters that achieved the highest points in the Aston Set were, Steve Sherwood, Steve Andrews and Gary Ell.


Postal League Leg 6 Results & Final Ranking

The Postal League Leg 6 Results and Final Rankings for the year can be found here.

Once again, many thanks to Christopher Bass for collating the results, confirming the records and administering the scheme for the year!

Congratulations to the Top 3 Teams of Leg 6 – Granby1, Castlemilk & MetamorFIT1.

The top 3 Lifters of Leg 6 were – Steve Sherwood, Steve Andrews & Andy Tomlin.

The final rankings were Steve Andrews, Steve Sherwood & Andy Tomlin as the top 3.

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