Blindt Coefficients

Blindt Coefficients for 2019

IAWA Basic Lifts
A01 Deadlift 0.3871 A04 Snatch 1.1779
A02 Squat 0.4779 A05 Clean and Jerk 0.8992
A03 Bench Press 0.7534
Barbell Lift: Presses, Snatches, Cleans, Jerks.
B01 2 Hands Clean and Press 1.0000 B26 One Hand Bent Press – Strict 3.6538
B02 Clean and Press Behind  Neck 1.1801 B27 One Armed Push (side press) 2.3177
B03 2 Hands Snatch from the Hang 1.2643 B28 Continental Clean 0.7060
B04 Clean and Press on Knees 1.2779 B29 Clean and Jerk Behind Neck 0.9137
B05 Seated Press 1.1516 B30 Continental Clean and Jerk 0.8142
B06 Seated Press Behind Neck 1.2742 B31 Clean and Push Press 0.8898
B07 Middle Fingers Clean and Press 1.6680 B32 Jerk from Racks 0.8199
B08 2 Hands Reverse Clean and Press 1.4717 B33 Jerk Behind Neck from Rack 0.7849
B09 Kelly Snatch 2.9677 B34 French Press 2.0681
B10 Alternate Grip Clean and Press 1.3518 B35 Bench Press – Feet in Air 0.6880
B11 Snatch on Knees 1.9689 B36 Hands Together Bench Press 0.9267
B12 2 Person Clean and Snatch N/A B37 One Hand Bench Press 2.2123
B13 Zeigler Clean 1.9119 B38 Alternate Grip Bench Press 0.7796
B14 Miller Clean and Jerk 1.9568 B39 Reverse Grip Bench Press 0.7822
B15 Judd Clean and Jerk 1.9753 B40 Roman Chair Bench Press 1.4582
B16 Repetition Cleans with Bodyweight N/A B41 Pullover and Press on Floor 0.7784
B17 2 Person, 2 Hands Team Press N/A B42 Wrestlers Bridge Pullover and Press 1.1517
B18 2 Person Team Snatch N/A B43 Pullover and Push Press with Bridge 0.6019
B19 2 Person Clean and Jerk 0.7918 B44 Bent Press (Anyhow to shoulders) 2.0766
B20 Repetition Snatches – Bodyweight N/A B45 Continental onto Belt 0.5626
B21 Repetition Presses – Bodyweight N/A B46 Continental Snatch 1.0195
B22 Repetition Clean and Jerks – Bodyweight N/A B47 Push Press from Racks 0.9698
B23 Repetition Jerks – Bodyweight N/A B48 The Reflex Clean and Push Press 1.2113
B24 One Hand Snatch 1.5107 B49 The Reflex Clean and Jerk 1.1014
B25 One Hand Clean and Jerk 1.4492 B50 Press Behind Neck from Rack 1.3075
B51 Seated Press Behind Neck from Rack 1.5129
Barbell Lifts – Deadlifts
C01 Two Person Hacklift 0.3214 C15 Middle Fingers Hacklift 0.7627
C02 Two Person Straddle Deadlift 0.2985 C16 Two Hands Thumb less Deadlift 0.6230
C03 Stiff Leg Deadlift 0.5254 C17 Index Fingers Deadlift 1.1190
C04 One Hand Thumb less Deadlift 1.0339 C18 Little Fingers Deadlift 1.4173
C05 Middle Fingers Deadlift 0.7128 C19 Ring Fingers Deadlift 1.0419
C06 One Leg Deadlift 0.9142 C20 Index Fingers Straddle Deadlift 1.1063
C07 One Hand Deadlift 0.5222 C21 Little Fingers Straddle Deadlift 1.4409
C08 Two Barbell Deadlift 0.4998 C22 Middle Fingers Straddle Deadlift 0.8483
C09 Two Person Team Deadlift 0.2679 C23 Ring Fingers Straddle Deadlift 1.4653
C10 Hacklift 0.4284 C24 Index Fingers Hacklift 1.2510
C11 One Hand Hacklift 0.7473 C25 Little Fingers Hacklift 1.6541
C12 Straddle Deadlift (Jefferson) 0.3859 C26 Ring Fingers Hacklift 1.4690
C13 Two Hands Ciavattone Deadlift 0.5147 C27 Repetition Bodyweight Deadlifts 0.0246
C14 One Hand Ciavattone Deadlift 0.8980
Barbell Lifts – Squats
D01 Front Squat 0.6004 D03 Lunge Squat 0.8326
D02 One Leg Squat 1.7095 D04 Squat with Weight at Arms Length 0.9841
Barbell Lifts – Miscellaneous
E01 Zercher 0.5058 E19 Roman Chair Sit up 0.4253
E02 One Arm Zercher 0.7996 E20 Roman Chair Extensions 3.8865
E03 Rectangular Fix 1.8150 E21 Allen Lift 5.1756
E04 Strict Curl 1.7299 E22 Good Morning Lift 0.7786
E05 Two Person Team Curl N/A E23 Bench Dip 0.8372
E06 Cheat Curl 1.0745 E24 Inman Mile 0.8372
E07 Two Person Cheat Curl 0.8878 E25 Leg Press – unsupported 0.6585
E08.1 Two Hand Wrist Curl 0.6951 E26 Leg Press – unsupported for Reps N/A
E08.2 One Hand Wrist Curl 1.2996 E27 Leg Press – Self Loaded 1.0257
E09 Steinborn 0.6461 E28 Shoulder Drop 1.8370
E10 Mansfield Lift 0.9249 E29 Arthur Lift 0.9869
E11 Stiff Arm Pullover 1.7781 E30 Half Gardner Lift 1.4649
E12 Bent Arm Pullover 1.7261 E31 Full Gardner Lift 2.2382
E13 Holdout Raised (Against Wall) 2.9872 E32 Reverse Curl 1.6276
E14 Holdout Lowered (Against Wall) 3.2357 E33 Rim Lift 0.7601
E15 Two Hands Anyhow 1.1055 E34 Reverse Rim Lift 1.0845
E16 Abdominal Raise 2.4521 E35 Roman Chair Sit Up Repetitions N/A
E17 Abdominal Raise for Reps N/A E36 Turkish Get Up 2.1627
E18 Abdominal Raise – Roman Chair 3.7322 E37 Power Row 0.8611
E38 Domaal Squat 3.1569
F Special Equipment Lifts
F01 Pinch Grip 1.1174 F14.4 Ring Finger Lift 1.1184
F02 One Hand Vertical Bar Lift 0.6223 F15 One Hand Fulton Barbell Deadlift (2”bar) 1.1508
F03 Travis Lift 0.1863 F16 Two Hands Fulton Deadlift (2″bar) 0.5855
F04 Total Poundage Lift in 3 hrs 9 Mins N/A F17 One Hand Pinch Grip Lift 2.0915
F05 Hip Lift 0.1089 F18 One Hand Pinch Grip Clean and Press 5.4637
F06 Harness Lift 0.0955 F19 Vertical Bar Lift – 2″ Rod 1.0897
F07 Back Lift 0.1028 F20 Two Hands Deadlift – 2″ Bar 0.4621
F08 Hand and Thigh Lift 0.1682 F21 Two Hands Snatch – 2″ Bar 1.4902
F09.1 Weaver Stick Lift (F) 42.5195 F22 Two Hands Clean and Jerk – 2″ Bar 1.0830
F09.2 Weaver Stick Lift (R) 20.9790 F23 Clean and Push Press- 2″ Bar 1.1200
F10 Neck Lift 0.3383 F24 Straddle Deadlift – 2″ Bar 0.4994
F11 Teeth Lift 0.9574 F25 Two Hands Hacklift – 2″ Bar 0.5572
F12 Trap Bar Deadlift 0.3930 F26 Two Vertical Bars (1 in each hand) – 2″ rods 0.5940
F13 One Hand Deadlift – Cambered Bar 0.5675 F27 Two Hands Clean and Press – 2″ Bar 1.2124
F14.1 Index Finger Lift 1.1832 F28 Back Lift Repetitions N/A
F14.2 Little Finger Lift 1.5313 F29 Hip Lift Repetitions N/A
F14.3 Middle Finger Lift 0.9863 F30 Harness Lift Repetitions N/A
Dumbbell Lifts
G01 One Hand Dumbbell Press 2.0590 G11 One Hand Dumbbell Bent Press 2.1029
G02 Dumbbells Clean and Press 1.1703 G12 Two Hands Anyhow with Dumbbells 1.0861
G03 Seated Dumbbells Press 1.7453 G13 Dumbbell Walk 1.9008
G04 One Hand Dumbbell Snatch 1.7656 G14 Lateral Raise Standing 2.6113
G05 Two Hands Dumbbells Deadlift 0.4707 G15 Lateral Raise Lying 2.1318
G06 One Hand Dumbbell Clean and Jerk 1.6297 G16 One Hand Swing 1.4890
G07 Two Hands Dumbbells Snatch 1.7591 G17 Two Hands Swing 1.2695
G08 Two Hands Dumbbells Clean and Jerk 1.1851 G18 Crucifix 1.9341
G09 One Hand Dumbbell Deadlift 0.7387 G19 One Hand Dumbbell Cheat Curl 1.8480
G10 One Hand Fulton (2″ rod) D/bell D/lift 1.3033 G20 Two H’s Fulton (2″ rod) DBells DLift 0.8580
G21 One Hand Dumbbell Strict Curl 3.4388