Steve Sherwood presented with Best Overall Lifter Award of the 2022 World Championships, Lebanon PA, USA

Steve Sherwood presented with his award by I.A.W.A.(UK) Vice President, Paul Barette

Steve Sherwood was the overall champion at the IAWA World Championship, that was held in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA in October 2022.

Unfortunately, Steve was unable to be at awards presentation that weekend, so with some clever logistics we were able to make the presentation at the recent Midlands Open All-Round/British Olympic Championship on 4th March.

Congratulations Steve!

Southern Counties Championship – 12th February 2023 – MetamorFIT

Lifters & Officials at the 2023 Southern Counties Championship

The first Southern Fixture of the I.A.W.A.(UK) Lifting Schedule, the Southern Counties Champs, was held at MetamorFIT gym, Eastbourne on 12th February.

Promoted by Paul Barette. 12 lifters competed, down from 14 entrants due to illness. The day was a great success and there were fine performances throughout and a number of records taken.

Contested lifts were the 2″ Bar Snatch, Pullover & Push and the Straddle (Jefferson) Deadlift

Best Masters Lifter & Overall Champion – Paul Barette

Best Open Male Lifter – Danny Kingsland

Best Open Female Lifter – Beata Banas

Best Masters Female Lifter – Natalie Voce

Click here for the full results

Sonya Coles – Our official photographer, that didn’t manage to get a photo of herself!

Steve Andrews Awarded the Bert Spencer Trophy for 2023 (& 2022!)

Steve Andrews receiving the Bert Spencer trophy presented by Paul Barette

Steve was presented with his award by IAWA(UK) Vice President, Paul Barette at the recent Midlands Open and British Olympic Championship held on March 4th. There was not a photo opportunity last year so Steve’s presentation covers 2022 & 2023!

The award is presented to the best lifter (calculated on points) of the Spencer Set which comprises of:

2 Hand Dumbbell Press

2 Hand Dumbbell Clean & Jerk

2 Hand Dumbbell Swing

The Spencer set is usually contested annually as part of the Bob Smith All-Round Postal League

Health & Strength Junior Award Presentation to Lara Bennett

By Paul Barette

Lara Bennett presented with the Health & Strength Junior Award for 2022

I had great pleasure in awarding the Health & Strength sponsored Junior Award to Lara Bennett for her performances and involvement in All-Round Weightlifting for 2022 at our recent MetamorFIT awards evening.

The I.A.W.A.(UK) Committee award this trophy based on the criteria of performance and involvement in events and the recipient is chosen at the AGM.

Lara has participated in a number of local and National Events here at MetamorFIT and has supported the Bob Smith All-Round Postal League for the last few years.

There were a number of juniors lifting at events in 2022 with a close contender also for this award, Phoebe Ames, a junior lifter that after lifting in the Welsh Disability Champs last year went on to break records in mainstream IAWA lifts and attended the Gold Cup in Belfast lifting with mum Hannah.

Congratulations Lara Bennett and well done Phoebe!

Lara Bennett – Lunge Squat
Lara Bennett – BBC Local News Story
Phoebe Ames – Best Junior Lifter at the Welsh Disability Champs 2022
Phoebe Ames, with mum Hannah – Lifting at the Gold Cup, Belfast 2022

MetamorFIT Awards Presentation

MetamorFIT gym lifters gathered to celebrate successes in the I.A.W.A.(UK) Bob Smith All-Round Postal League for 2022.

A small, informal gathering at the Rainbow in Eastbourne where 11 lifters attended.

Certificates were presented for end of year titles and 3rd place team winners received their awards presented by Paul Barette.

MetamorFIT Lifters at the Rainbow, Eastbourne
Sam Bonar, Danny Kingsland and Beata Banas, 3rd Place Team Winners

British Grip Championship & Records Day – 28th January 2023 – Preston

Promoter – Mark Haydock

There were 9 lifters attacking the Iron, 8 entered the British Grip Championships and 7 took part in the Record Breaking Session:

Mark wrote: …Wow!! What a day that turned out to be….We had 9 lifters for the day, 8 lifted in the full Grip Event and Pete Tryner made his Trap Bar Record attempt after the weigh in and before the main event started.

Pete pulled a huge 360kg on the trapbar, which is an all time high lift!

We had some new faces on the day in Tom Cunningham, a really good all rounder, and the resurgence of some IAWA regulars in Matt Jones and Dean Kent. Over the whole day every lifter managed to set at least one record for themselves. The total number of records set for the grip event was 28, with a further 32 records falling on the records event later on.

Lifts of note were:

Pete Tryner 360kg trap bar ( All time highest)

Matt Wells 80kg 2” clean and jerk, the only lifter to go over bodyweight on the day and equalling John Monks WR, narrowly missing 82.5kg to finish.

Anthony Parker 2 barbells deadlift 220kg

Mark Haydock 2 barbells deadlift 290kg ( All time highest)

Tom Cunningham 85kg 1hand deadlift 2” bar

Overall Best Lifters: Open 1st Mark Haydock, 2ndTom Cunningham, 3rd Dean Kent

Masters: 1st Mark Haydock, 2nd Gary Ell, 3rd Matt Wells

Overall: 1st Mark Haydock, 2nd Tom Cunningham, 3rd Dean Kent

So there we have it, there sure was some great lifting going on in the Lancashire Lions Den

Mark Haydock – 2″ Bar Deadlift
Pete Tryner – Trap Bar Deadlift
Mark Haydock – 2 Barbells Deadlift

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Postal League Leg 6 Results

Here are Leg 6 results for the Bob Smith All-Round Postal League together with the final year end rankings.

The top 3 lifters for leg 6 were Steve Andrews, Andy Murtagh & Matthew Wells.

The top 3 teams for leg 6 were Sunbury1, Haven Hobgoblins & MetamorFIT1.

Taking all the year’s results into account the top 3 overall Best Lifters for 2022 were Andy Murtagh, Steve Andrews and Ian Dixon.

Beata Banas-Hollobone was the top female lifter and Max Ell, the top MX Lifter.

2022 Team Rankings Top 3 – Sunbury1, Granby & MetamorFIT1

Please send any award claims to Paul Barette by the end of December.

A very big thank you to Christopher Bass for all his work in compiling the league for 2022!

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