All-Round Postal League

The Bob Smith All-Round Postal League

What is it and how does it work?

The Bob Smith All-Round Postal League is a competition run throughout the year for I.A.W.A. (UK) members.

The competition consists of 6 Legs. Each Leg has 4 lifts which are to be completed every 2 months. Lifters compete in teams but also individually.

The idea is that I.A.W.A. (UK) members can compete against each other without having to attend a competition. All lifts are verified in person by a qualified referee and submitted to the organiser, Chris Bass. The results are calculated using formulas that equate age, bodyweight and sex so that all participants can compete against each other on an even playing field.

When the results are compiled scores are ranked and lifters are given both individual and team rankings both for the current Leg and the year to date.

At the end of the year each lifter is given a title which refers to their final positioning.