2018 Fixtures

IAWA (UK) Fixtures 2018

Entry Fees are £15 (Except World Championships / Gold Cup)

Lifters MUST be members of IAWA (UK) to take part.  Send entry details and fees to the promoter 2 weeks before.

3rd February – British Grip Championships

Mark Haydock -Tel: 01254 851918  Mob:07849 725195  E Mail: markieh@fsmail.net

Venue: Spring Bank Farm, Goose Foot Lane, Samlesbury, Nr. Preston PR5 0UU.

Lifts: 2” Bar Clean & Press, 2×2” Vertical Bars Lift, 2” Bar Straddle

4th March – Northern Ireland Open Championships –

Stevie Shanks (Northern Ireland) & Steve Gardner – stevegardneruk@gmail.com

Venue: Shankill Barbell Club, 30 Lawnbrook Ave, Belfast, BT13 2QG

Lifts: One Hand Snatch, Alternate Grip Bench Press, Straddle Deadlift

10th March – Midlands Open All Round Championships –

Chris Bass – Tel: 01472 250918 EMail:chris.bass@havengym.org.uk

Venue: Haven Gym Haycroft Avenue, Grimsby, DN31 2PF.

Lifts:  Clean & Seated Press, Continental Snatch, Reflex Clean & Jerk

7th  April – British All Round Championships

Paul Barette – Tel: 01323726833   E Mail:iawa@metamorfit.co.uk (Enter by PayPal)

Venue: MetamorFIT, Unit 5F Southbourne Bus.Park, Courtlands Rd, Eastbourne BN22 8UY

Lifts: Continental Clean (to chest), Pullover & Push, Hack Lift

2nd June – British Power Championships

Chris Bass – Tel: 01472 250918 Email: chris.bass@havengym.org,uk

Venue: Haven Gym, Haycroft Avenue, Gimsby, DN31 2PF

Lifts:   Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift

14th July – British Olympic Championships

Frank Allen – Tel: 0116 2676918

Venue: The Village Hall, Birstall Road, Birstall, Leicester  LE4 4DH (1PM Start Time)

Lifts: Press, Snatch, Clean and Jerk                                                                

4th August – British Single Arm Championships –

Andy Tomlin – Tel: 07531046662 Email: andytomlin91@yahoo.co.uk

Venue: Castlemilk Gym, Croftfoot Scout Hall, 240 Ashcroft Drive, Glasgow G44 5QG

Lifts:   One Hand Snatch, One Hand Clean & Jerk (opposite hand), OH Deadlift

World Postal ChampionshipsClick Here for Further Information

Al Myers (USA) – Results to be submitted by the end of August.

Lifts: Front Squat, Clean & Press Behind Neck, One Hand Barbell Snatch, One Hand 2” DB Deadlift

1st September – Welsh Open Championships

Neil Keddy  Tel: 07459735371  Email:Keddysfitkids@gmail.com

Venue: Pontardawe Senior Citizens Hall SA8 4EG

Lifts: Front Squat, One Hand Dumbbell Clean & Jerk, Trap Bar Deadlift

6-7th Oct  – IAWA World Champs

Paul Barette / Steve Gardner    Tel: 01323 726833  Mob: 07710659744  E Mail: iawa@metamorfit.co.uk

Venue: Eastbourne Sports Park, Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne, BN21 2UF

Application form and further information can be found here

Lifts: Day 1: Front Squat, Clean & Press Behind Neck, One Hand Barbell Snatch, One Hand 2” DB Deadlift

Lifts: Day 2: Power Row, Continental Clean & Jerk, Deadlift

13th Oct.- IAWA Gold Cup  – Click here for more information and entry form

Paul Barette       Tel: 01323726833 Email iawa@metamorfit.co.uk

Venue: MetamorFIT, Unit 5F Southbourne Bus. Park, Courtlands Rd, Eastbourne BN22 8UY

1st December – IAWA(UK) AGM 11am –

Hosted by Frank Allen – Tel: 0116 267 6918

Venue: 11 Orchard Road, Birstall, Leicester LE4 4GB


Venue: Metamorfit Gym, Unit 5F Southbourne Business Park, Courtlands Rd, Eastbourne BN22 8UY

Contact Promoter:   Paul Barette   Tel: 01323726833   E Mail:iawa@metamorfit.co.uk

(Enter by PayPal)

Sunday 25th Feb.   –   Southern Counties Champs

Lifts: One Hand DB Clean & Jerk, Feet in Air Bench Press, Trap Bar Deadlift

Sunday 20th May  –    Southern Shield

Lifts: 2” Bar Snatch, Pullover & Press, Zercher

Sunday 22nd July    –   Southern Cup.

Lifts: Jerk from Rack, Steinborn, Straddle Deadlift

Sunday 25th Nov.  –   Southern Grip Champs.

Lifts: One Hand Pinch Grip, 1” Vert Bar, Middle Finger Deadlift

Also….Possible Southern All-Round (Date and Venue to be confirmed)


(Leg 1 by =End Jan, 2=End Mar, 3=End May, 4=End July, 5=End Sept, 6=End Nov)

Leg 1 One Hand Snatch, Continental Clean & Jerk, Front Squat, Thumbless Deadlift

Leg 2 Clean & Seated Press, Continental Snatch, Reflex Clean & Jerk, Rectangular Fix

Leg 3 Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Cheat Curl

Leg 4 Press, Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Bent Arm Pullover

Leg 5 One Hand Snatch, One Hand Clean & Jerk (Opposite Hand), One Hand Deadlift, Crucifix

Leg 6 2 Hand Dumbbell Press, 2 Hand Dumbbell Swing, 2 Hand Dumbbell Clean & Jerk, One Hand Dumbbell Deadlift


2019 Worlds: Abilene, USA (Al Myers)

2019 IAWA Gold Cup: Perth, Australia (John Mahon)