2018 World Postal Competition

A message from IAWA President Al Myers:

The IAWA World Postal Championships has been announced! It will still be the “Andy Goddard Memorial”.  Andy was a great friend and supporter of the IAWA and as long as I’m involved promoting the World Postal it will be done in Andy’s memory. As it has been the past few years, the lifts for this World Postal will be the first day lifts of the upcoming Worlds. Since Worlds has not officially been announced yet (with an official entry form) I am assuming the lifts on day one will the lifts passed at the World Council Meeting last fall. Read the the info sheet as it outlines the “rules of the competition”.   Send your results to me at amyers@usawa.com. Also, please send in the official entry form with your club results. If you have more club entries than on the entry form just include extra entry forms.

2018 World Postal Entry Form

2018 World Postal Information Sheet