IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame

The IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame recognises individuals whom have achieved great things and given
of themselves, the enhancement of the organisation. This Hall of Fame is dedicated to honouring
those whom have achieved and worked for and on behalf of IAWA (UK) and not for achievements
in the sport elsewhere.

The concept is based on that used by IAWA (UK)’s sister organisation the USAWA, in America,
whereby lifters become eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame when they have earned a certain
number of points. Points are earned in several different ways, by lifting and placing in National and
International Championships, by breaking and holding National and International Records, by
Promoting National and International events and by working in office on the National or International
Council. The governing body, also hold the right to induct members for other outstanding
contributions. Generally the inductee will have accrued 2000 points and be over 30 years of age.

2001 Frank Allen - Steve Gardner
2003 Mike Archer - Steve Angell - Pete Ready
2005 Bob Smith - Barry Anderson - Steve Andrews -Rick Meldon
2007 William Wright - Andy Goddard - Karen Gardner
2009 Agnes Mcinally - Gerry Davidson
2011 Steve Sherwood - Sam Hills
2013 George Dick - Graham Saxton - James Gardner
2015 Mark Haydock - John Gardner - Andrew Tomlin - Chris Bass
2021 Paul Barette
2022 Gary Ell


I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2001 Awards

The inaugural dinner for the IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame took place at the Bass Museum, Burton-upon Trent, Staffordshire, on Sunday 2nd December, 2001. The first two inductees recognised on 2nd December, 2001 were:

FRANK ALLEN (59yrs) Is from Leicestershire – IAWA General Secretary, IAWA World Records Registrar, IAWA (UK) Secretary and Journal Editor. International Promoter of events and many times IAWA, World Champion and World Record Holder.

STEVE GARDNER (45yrs) Is from Staffordshire – IAWA International Vice President, IAWA (UK) President, Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Secretary. International Promoter of events and many times IAWA World Champion and World Record Holder.

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2003 Awards

The second induction dinner for the IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame took place at the Bass Museum, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, on Sunday 7th December, 2003. The three inductees recognised on 7th December, 2003 were:

MIKE ARCHER Award made by Frank Allen, Gen Secretary IAWA (UK) Mike has been involved in weightlifting for more than 50 years having completed his first competition in 1952. A superb Champion among lifters, 70 year old Mike has come a long way since starting to train with weights to gain some bodyweight and improve his all round strength and fitness after having been turned down as medically unfit for compulsory National Service. A tremendous servant to IAWA (UK) as Technical Committee Officer, Mike has also won several National and World titles, listing his proudest moment as winning the ‘Best Overall Master’ title at the 1996 IAWA Worlds.

STEVE ANGELL Award made by Steve Gardner, President IAWA (UK) Although only 33 years of age, Steve from Buckinghamshire has had a very successful athletic career to date. A former Discus and Hammer throwing champion, Steve has also been a British Champion Strandpuller as well as a competitor in Highland Games and Strongman competitions. It is with All Round weightlifting that Steve really made an impression amongst ‘drug free strength athletes’, having twice been ‘Overall
Best Lifter’ at the IAWA World Championships. Steve was forced to take a break for almost two years with a back injury but recovered and went to the 2000 Worlds, again winning the ‘Best Senior lifter’ title, and he considers this one of his greatest achievements.

PETE READY Award made by June Fulford, Coaching Secretary IAWA (UK) Pete has been involved with the iron game for an incredible 65 years, born in 1922 he started training with weights aged 15, to help his Boxing and Judo. Called up in 1941, Peter did not use weights again until he was introduced to Olympic and All Round lifting in Malta in 1945. Demobbed in 1946 Peter trained with Don McRae an experienced All Round lifter, he joined BAWLA and started lifting in 1948.From 1954 Peter
and Don ran the Star Gym in Cleethorpes and in 1981 moved to Grimsby to open the Haven Gym. Multi-Title and World record holder, Peter has been chairman of IAWA (UK) for 11 years and he continues today, in his 80s, training, lifting and coaching scores of others.

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2005 Awards

The Third IAWA(UK) Bi-Annual Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Ceremony – Sunday 4th December 2005 At the Coors Visitor Centre, Burton on Trent. 70 People assembled for the third Hall of Fame induction evening.Four of IAWA(UK)s all round weightlifting greats were honoured:

BOB SMITH The presentation to the memory of the late Bob Smith was made by Peter Ready, and the award was received by Mike Archer who will take it back to the family, with best wishes from the organisation. Bob was a true all rounder, enjoying success over a long career as a bodybuilder, strand puller and ‘ all round weightlifter’. Born in 1921 Bob suffered an unfortunate childhood encountering illness and injury so that by the age of 17 he was an 8 stone weakling. Bob followed a muscle building course, and then joined a weightlifting gym, he made such progress that he was soon competing
alongside the best. Despite Bobs achievements, his main contribution to modern day sport and IAWA(UK) in particular, was his wonderful ability to work as a records keeper and statistician. Bob was a hard working founder member of IAWA (UK) and will be sadly missed

BARRY ANDERSON The presentation to Barry Anderson was made by Steve Gardner. As a young man Barry missed out on a pro Rugby League career through an eye injury, but in 1955 he bought his first weights set from Reg Park, and then never looked back, starting his competitive lifting career at the Yorkshire Championships. Barry also excelled in the sport of ‘Strand Pulling’ becoming World Champion between 1976 and 78, breaking over 2000 records. All round weightlifting has been Barry’s love for many years now, and he fondly remembers first becoming involved with IAWA and discovering the
wonderful atmosphere that he says he had not really experienced in other organisations. Known as a very dedicated champion athlete with high standards, Barry has featured in the Guinness Book of World Records

STEVE ANDREWS The presentation to Steve Andrews was made by Frank Allen.In 1979 Steve joined a night school for weightlifting in order to lose weight, late in 1980 Les Ball introduced him to the BAWLA All Round Scheme. Steve, who was in his 20’s and had never been involved in sports, was surprised how much he loved the new challenge. At the Leicester club Frank Allen has always been an inspiration to Steve, who also improved his ability by watching excellent technicians like Steve
Sherwood. The rest is history, this multi-title winning British Champion especially enjoys Single Arm lifting and is proud of winning the ‘best Single Arm’ title for 9 of the last 10 years. Steve also relishes the challenge of the dumbells anyhow and s proud of all his records. Steve hopes to lift for as many years as his body will allow!

RICK MELDON The Presentation to Rick Meldon was made by Mike Archer. Rick played schools rugby and soccer at County level, and at 16 he began weight lifting. At the Sunbury club Rick looked for advice to the senior lifters and at that time Mike Archer was at the top of his game. Bob Smith was also a great help to Rick as he became an established all round weight lifter.
Rick had some epic battles with Adrian Blindt in the late 80’s which helped him produce some of his best lifting. Ricks favourite lift is the dumbell swing and he has done 164 lbs at 150 lbs bodyweight. Rick has won 16 British all round titles and 5 Worlds, 6 British Powerlifting titles and 1 Worlds, and has been best lifter many times. Hoping to attempt Ron Walkers dumbells anyhow record soon Rick intends to lift until he is 90!

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2007 Awards

The Fourth IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Sports Evening – November 18th 2007 Held at The Coors Visitor Centre, Burton on Trent, Staffs. Almost 80 people gathered at the Coors visitor Centre at Burton on Trent for the fourth Bi Annual Induction ceremony of the IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame. Inducted members Steve Gardner and Steve Andrews welcomed two very special visiting guests with their respective partners, both Inducted members of the USAWA Weightlifting Hall of Fame : Mr John Vernacchio and Mr Denny Habecker. The Four IAWA(UK) inductees were:

WILLIAM WRIGHT Bill has been a driving force behind weight lifters in Scotland for many years, and he has run the Castlemilk Gym weightlifting club in Glasgow for more than 22 years. Bill has been a supporter of drug free weightlifting and IAWA (UK) in particular, not only as a lifter and a coach but also by serving on committees and promoting several International competitions including the IAWA World Championships and the Gold Cup World Record Breakers event. Bill remembers his early days and thanks his mentors: Bill Montague and Andy Patterson. Bill considers one of his finest achievements
was breaking the British Empire and Commonwealth record on the Press, the only other athlete in Scotland to do this was Olympic weightlifter: Phil Caira. Bill has previously had the honour of being inducted into the Glasgow Hall of Fame for winning ten World Titles, and was delighted to be selected as one of the coaches to meet the Queen when she visited the different strokes unit where Bill worked.

ANDREW GODDARD Andy from Burton on Trent, is a lightweight Masters Champion of some note, he came into the sport of weightlifting by joining the Powerhouse Gym in the 90’s. In earlier days Andy was a very keen and active sportsman in the Army, and between 1977 and 1981 he represented the forces at Boxing and Cross Country running. Andy left the Army and was struck down by a serious illness, but he soon got back into training to help aid his recovery. Andy worked hard in the gym and entering all of the IAWA competitions that he could possibly get to, Andy has now amassed an amazing array of all
round weightlifting titles and records, winning many British and World Masters Championships. Having recently undergone surgery again he is working towards recovery, Andy continues to work hard in all aspects of his all round weightlifting career, as a lifter, a referee and as a help to other promoters in all event organising matters.

For the last 16 years Karen has been a shining beacon, lighting the way for ladies in the sport of all round weight lifting. Karen did not get involved in sport until she was 32, but soon made up for lost time. Having travelled the IAWA circuit and involving herself in every aspect of the sport including refereeing and coaching, she is a fine example of what can be achieved. Karen has many British and World titles to her name and a host of records also, Karen was the first woman to perform the one hand dead lift with 100 kilos on a straight bar. Karen has competed in the sport of tug of war for many years also, and has achieved National and European honours. A look at all of the IAWA (UK) events for the last 16 years will find Karen’s name listed on almost every one, and it is this extraordinary dedication and commitment to all round weightlifting that has seen Karen now become the first female athlete (and very proud Grand Mother) to be inducted into the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame.

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2009 Awards

The 2009 Hall of Fame Dinner was a splendid affair, the venue was the very elegant Branston Golf Club at Burton on Trent. On Sunday 6th December 40 people gathered to witness the 2009 induction ceremony, and everyone enjoyed the pre dinner sporting entertainments:The two new inductees were:

AGNES McINALLY Agnes was presented with her award by inducted member William Wright. Agnes is 53 years old, and was born in Polmodi, Glasgow. Agnes was never involved in sports in her youth, but by the time she was in her thirties she had decided that she had become too heavy and needed to lose weight. Having joined the Castlemilk Sports Centre she was soon introduced to William Wright, and he undertook to train her with a view to weight loss and increasing fitness levels. This of course soon led to William teaching Agnes all about all round weight lifting and in 1996 with some encouragement Agnes trained for and lifted in the IAWA World Championships. Her favourite lift is the Straddle Deadlift in which she holds the World record at 142.5 kilo Agnes states that the biggest influence in her weightlifting career has been William Wright, whom she holds in the highest regard!

GERRY DAVIDSON Gerry was presented with his award by inducted member Steve Andrews. Born in 1936, Gerry is 73 years old. When he was 23 Gerry developed an interest in strength training and he sent off for a home training course from Health and Strength magazine. There was no equipment about at the time so Gerry made his own using broom handles and railway wheels. In 1959 Gerry joined a Police sports club where there were lots of activities and one of them was weightlifting. Gerry didnt take part in weightlifting competitions after 1966, he was disgusted with the drug scene in the sport. In 1985
he joined the BAWG because it was a drug free body and has enjoyed all round lifting with the IAWA since its inception. Gerry has always competed in the 70 or 75 kilo class and over the years he has won everything there is to win!

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2011 Awards

At the 6th Official Ceremony of the IAWA (UK) Hall of Fame, two new members were Inducted: The bi – annual Induction ceremony was carried out at the Awards Banquet at Branston Golf and Country Club, following the presentation for the Gold Cup. The two Inductees were:

SAM HILLS Sams award was presented by Frank Allen and Steve Gardner.Sam is from Hastings in East Sussex and was trained by the great Mike Archer (inducted member). Sam has been a great supporter of all round weightlifting, and counts amongst his favourite moments in the sport, as being presented with the award for being the overall best lifter at the IAWA World Championships in Australia.

STEVE SHERWOOD Steves award was presented by Steve Andrews and Steve Gardner. Steve is from Hull in Yorkshire, he has been a great ambassador for all round lifting and was coached by the late Harold Akrill, and trained with Clive Nevis. Many times British and IAWA World Champion, Steve has always been a master technician on the lifts, and his one hand deadlift record of 200 kilos at 70 kilos bodyweight has stood for many years. Sam Hills Sam is from Hastings in East Sussex and was trained by the great Mike Archer (inducted member). Sam has been a great supporter of all round weightlifting, and counts amongst his favourite moments in the sport, as being presented with the award for being the overall best lifter at the IAWA World Championships in Australia.

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2013 Awards

At the 7th Bi Annual Induction of the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame, three new members were inducted. The event was held at Branston Country Club, Burton on Trent on 30th November 2013, the three inductees were:

GEORGE DICK Born in Edinburgh in 1948, George now lifts in the 65+ Masters Division. At school George liked football, rugby and running, but says he wasn’t very good at any of them. In his early working life George likes to boast that he played football for Glasgow Rangers (the catering staff team) a theme that followed through as George works as a Chef today, and his great sporting interests are weightlifting, Marathon Running and open water swimming (George swims in Loch Lomand every week) George became involved with all round weightlifting back in 1988 under the guidance of Bill Wright
and since then has won countless titles at the Masters Division, including World and Gold Cup World Record Breakers! George was once voted East Kilbride’s Sports Personality, and at work was ‘Employee of the year’ George reckons to have run 50 marathons along the way and lists his favourite all round lifts as the Steinborn and the Trap Bar Lift. When asked which of all are his favourite awards that he has won, George replied ‘all of them’!

GRAHAM SAXTON Graham, 51, was born in 1962 in Derby, after leaving school he worked for a number of years as a research and development engineer at Rolls Royce. Having become interested in weight training Graham started Powerlifting in 1987 and became involved in All Round Weightlifting, joining the BAWG in 1988 and IAWA(UK) at its formation. Graham has been lifting for over 25 years and has travelled far and wide to compete in many IAWA International events at home and abroad. Graham is the holder of many records and titles at both Open and Masters divisions. Today working as a project
manager for the NHS, Graham also loves to watch Formula 1. Amongst Grahams favourite lifts is the Hacklift, where he has pulled 290 kilos, other interests are History and Classic Cars (Mercedes). Graham hopes to lift for many years to come and says his favourite award is always the last one as they get harder to win as you get older!

JAMES GARDNER James,30, started lifting when he was 11. At school James excelled in sports and played Rugby and Basketball for the school. At home he was training with the family and competing in Tug of War and All Round Weight lifting, his 1st competition was in 1995, in the USA. After school James went to Bedford University and became a PE teacher, today he teaches at Belgrave Academy in Tamworth where he is a head of house. James has won many honours in his various sports including: Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball, Tug of War (Represented England) and Weightlifting where he
has won Best lifter awards at: IAWA Worlds (as a Junior) Overall Best Open Lifter at the Worlds (New Zealand) and overall Best Lifter at the British Single Arm and Grip Championships. James holds many IAWA World Records and is one of the best performers of the Full and Half Gardner lifts and Turkish Get up, with the heaviest recorded lifts. James was proud to be the first winner of the Howard Prechtel Memorial Award at the 2012 Gold Cup.

I.A.W.A. (UK) Hall of Fame 2015 Awards

At the 8th Bi Annual Induction of the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame, on Saturday 7th November 2015 at Branston Golf Club, four new members were inducted.

JOHN GARDNER John followed in his Dads footsteps becoming an active member of the Powerhouse Gym at 10 years of age. Johns first major competition was the 1994 World Championships, where he won the ‘Overall Best Junior lifter’ title. This was the start of many titles and wins in all round weightlifting, especially as a Junior lifter. John went on to set and break lots of records, and as a senior he continued to lift successfully. Increasingly busy , John married Diane and began raising a family, and starting his own business (more than once) This took John away from regular competition for a number of years, but he has always continued to be a member of the Powerhouse Club and have an input into IAWA as a Referee and lifter still appearing on the platform occasionally. John holds the record for the heaviest ever Middle Finger lift of 135 kilos, but his proudest moment was watching his son: Dominic following in his own footsteps on to the IAWA competition platform.

MARK HAYDOCK At School Mark excelled at Rugby and had the honour of playing at Twickenham in the Daily Mail National Schools Cup Final. Rugby introduced Mark to weights and as a young Powerlifter he twice won the BAWLA British Under 23’s title and represented the British team at the world Junior Championships in Gyor, Hungary . During this time Mark met and Married his ‘soulmate’ Samantha. Fed up with Drug issues Mark joined the BDFPA in 2004 and went on to win several
British, European and World titles being the first to total 800k raw! In 2008 Mark joined IAWA and loved the variety of lifts, finding IAWA a friendly, well run organisation. Marks IAWA highlights are winning 3 World Championships Best Lifter awards and holding several all-time best ever records, such as: 257.5k Stiff Leg Deadlift, previously held by Frank Ciavattone, which many said would never be broken!

CHRIS BASS When Chris was 17 he met John Watson. who introduced him to weight training. In 1970 Chris trained with Pete Ready and in 1988 he returned to Grimsby and started lifting at the Haven Gym. Chris was lifting and coaching the young members, he became a referee, took part in the BAWLA all round scheme & the IAWA postal league, his favourite lift was squat style snatch. During this time Chris computerized the IAWA records and then took over the All Round Postal League. In March 2003 Chris had to have open heart surgery and retired from heavy lifting. Whilst recuperating from his operation Chris designed a spread sheet for results and he completely revised the records sheets so they could be printed off. In 2007 Chris made IAWA records available on the internet, accessible to all. Chris says his aim is to keep on doing what he is doing and helping IAWA wherever he can.

ANDY TOMLIN Andy played football for his school and ‘The Gorbals’. He moved to Castlemilk and met Bill Wright who trained him so hard he ended up in hospital with broken blood vessels in his stomach. Bill got Andy lifting weights with IAWA, and his first match was against the Burton Powerhouse team in 1992. Andy’s first Gold Cup was in 1993 and his first Word Championships was in 1994 at Burton, he has competed in 5 World Championships! His favourite lifts include the One Hand Dead lift, Two Hands Zercher and Straddle Deadlift, where he has pulled 3 times body weight: 240.5k at 80 kilos! Andy has won 50+ Scottish titles with several British and World titles too, and is the holder of many records. Well known for his encouragement of lifters, he can often be heard shouting ‘A bit of support for the
lifter please’. Always ready to lend a hand as a lifter, a loader, a referee or general supporter, Andy says he feels lucky to have met so many great people in IAWA!