World Postal Championships – The Andy Goddard Memorial

This year we had 24 teams and 63 lifters, the turnout and response was outstanding, and is a great way to pay homage to a former lifter and great guy Andy Goddard.
The lifts for this years competition were:
The Continental Clean, The Pullover and Push and The 2 x 2″ Vertical Bars Lift

Top 7 Teams Rankings:
1st Burton Powerhouse 1
2nd Granby Grippers
3rd Burton Powerhouse 2
4th Team Northern Ireland
5th Burton Powerhouse 3
6th Twyford Celts
7th Dine Gym USA

Top 7 Individual Rankings:
1st Steve Sherwood
2nd Pete Tryner
3rd Ruth Jackson
4th James Gardner
5th Steve Andrews
6th Phil Crisp
7th Stevie Shanks

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