Northern Ireland Open Champs 4th March 2018 – New Fixture!

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Information from Steve Gardner – lift details can be found on Fixtures Page

Steve Gardner and Stevie Shanks are working on running a competition on Sunday 4th March 2018 in Belfast. This will be the first official All Round Weightlifting Competition held in Ireland, so it could be a proud and groundbreaking event in its own small way. It will give lifters / prospective members in Ireland an opportunity to take part in an IAWA event.

The weigh in will be at 10am with lifting from 11am, and the lifts will be 1 The one hand Snatch 2 The alternate Grip Bench Press 3 The Jefferson (Straddle) Deadlift

If anyone is interested in going over to compete just let me or Stevie know and we can give you full details nearer the time. The event is to help stimulate interest and participation in Ireland of course, but as with the spirit of IAWA it is open to anyone who wants to take part….