Lifting Etiquette – A reminder to Lifters, Referees & Promoters….

Steve Gardner (IAWA UK President) draws all lifters, referees and promoters attention to this timely reminder…..

IAWA Lifting Etiquette

After many many years of running and helping to run competitions, I have found there are a number of points that come up, time and time again, things that we get asked or confronted with, and which keep the Technical Officers and Officials on their toes. Some of it is easily answered and dealt with, some takes a little more explanation, these matters relate to us all: lifters officials and promoters… are some of the main points to remember and take on board with regard to competitions etc within our organisation………. Hence: Lifting Etiquette:

1 Entry Fees: competition entry fees should always be sent to and received by the Promoter at least 2 weeks before ( unless an arrangement has been made with the promoter) it is very important to those running competitions because they have to order trophies and organise premises etc to make the competition happen. If for some reason the entrant does not attend the competition a refund would not normally be paid.

2 Returning Main Trophies: it is of course very important that main awards are returned to promoters in time to be presented to the new winners, even if the past winner can not enter or be there, it is a rotten shame if a new winner is deprived of their moment of presentation because of another’s error in not returning ( it is hoped that it will be returned with engraving done also, where required)

3 Weigh In: lifters should weigh in in underwear only ( naked if it’s close on the line) it is not acceptable to have lifters trying to weigh wearing clothing? making them heavier of course, females will usually have a female weigh official, but can weigh wearing lifting costume if they wish, or need too, and an allowance of .5 kilos (half a kilo) is given.

4 it is important that lifters have joined or rejoined IAWA before being allowed to lift, it is important that promoters always remember to check this with any lifters entering their competition!

5 Attire on the platform: wrist wraps are always allowed, knee wraps / sleeves are allowed for front and back squat, no hats to be worn, shoes should always be worn, no stocking feet. Lifters can wear a lifting suit/ leotard or shorts and a t shirt, however the sleeves should finish above the elbows and shorts above knees for obvious reasons (officials need a clear view of rules of lifts being met) wearing two pairs of shorts is not allowed as can be seen as extra supportive clothing ( it has become a habit of wearing legging style shorts under regular shorts… so this is not allowed…..only underwear) also a belt can only be maximum of 4 inches wide, and wider, body hugging supportive belts cannot be worn, again one belt only is allowed . Only chalk can be used on the hands (and then, only on the hands, not legs or shoulders etc) plasters or dressings can only be worn to cover a blood wound and even then only when sanctioned by an official.

6 Questioning of Decisions by Officials: lifters should not call out from the platform to question any decision, it is crass and unprofessional… simply approach the official off the platform and ask politely… the appropriate moment

7 Officials position: Referees should always be sure they are in a position to see the lifting, and should move their chair or position if needs be
Also… it is unprofessional for officials to openly discuss decisions made whilst at the platform so that others in the room can hear the conversation. Better to discuss quietly between lifts, groups or sessions if necessary
Also… when using sticks and not a light system, Officials should be careful not to look at other Officials decisions before showing their own, even if done unwittingly, it looks unprofessional and as though the ref doesn’t know what signal to give
Also …… a centre Ref, remember to give clear audible signals. ( and visual, if it is very noisy in the room)

There may well be some points we have missed here, but I think we have most of the regular ones highlighted. IAWA is a great organisation, run by enthusiastic volunteers and lifters. As i mentioned, these points are for us all to follow : lifters promoters and officials, and if we all try to do our bit and keep these points in mind it makes the whole organisation and the running of competitions go so much smoother!

Thanks for reading these notes, hope they all make sense, lets carry on having great lifting and keep our organisation great too…..and of course ‘have great fun out there…..’

Cheers all

Steve Gardner IAWA (uk) President