2019 IAWA Old Time Strongman World Postal Championship

From promoter Al Myers:

After the success of last year’s inaugural OTSM World Postal, John Mahon and I have decided to continue with the promotion again this year.   This years competition dates are July 20th-21st.

Now for a little “background” on this postal competition. It is much different than the other postal meets we have.

  • It will be held over a weekend only and all lifts must happen at this time
  • It will always be held at only one venue per participating country
  • Each country will have a promoter for the event, and provide the venue

The reason for these added stipulations is to give more credibility to the event.  Since all lifts will be done at a set venue at the same time, with the same set of officially recognized officials there is no question to the validity of this World Championship.  Also, I like the idea of everyone world wide doing the lifts at the same time, almost like a meet we are all at together.  There are different lifts chosen this year to give a new challenge to everybody.

ENTRY FORM (WORD)- 2019 OTSM World Postal Entry Form

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2019 OTSM World Postal Entry Form

Once completed, please send your completed forms to me this year instead of John.  I would like everyone to please use the prepared form for the official scoresheet to minimize submission errors.

UK Promoters – Scotland – Andy Tomlin & Matthew Finkle, Wales – Neil Keddy, England – Phil Crisp & Nick Swain.