Important update – IAWA(UK) Memberships

From Paul Barette – Membership Secretary
It has been disappointing this year that Coronavirus has scuppered our great selection of events that were planned for 2020.
Many of our Members joined in the anticpation of competing in events up and down the country, abroad or participating in the postal competitions.
Steve Gardner is currently working on compiling our 2021 fixtures list and I am sure all of you (and I) are eager to get back to the lifting platform.
With this in mind the IAWA(UK) Executive Committee have unanimously agreed that we will extend all paid up IAWA(UK) Memberships by 12 months.
I can confirm that I have just completed this task, crediting all members with an additional 12 months. Your automated renewal emails will now reflect this and will now not be sent until 1 month before the revised renewal date.
If you have any questions regarding memberships please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Wishing you all the best in health – Paul