**Covid 19 continues to impact fixtures**

A Covid Update regarding Fixtures:
This will come as no surprise to you all that we will have to announce the Grip Competition for February as unavoidably Cancelled. (we are concerned March’s ‘Midlands Open’ may go the same way but will update again in a few weeks on that one)……
However, Mark Haydock is also promoting the IAWA(UK) Strongman Competition at his place near Preston in May, and has decided the Grip Competition (Same lifts) can still go ahead on that day with the Strongman event to follow. So, the order of the day is: The Grip Comp 3 Lifts in the Morning, then a Strongman Competition of 3 Events (to be named) following the completion of the Grip.
Lifters will be able to lift in either the Grip or the Strongman ….OR…… they can enter Both if they wish and be ranked in the ‘Super Total’ …therefore being able to rank in the Grip and the Strongman and the Super Total…it is a very exciting concept, something special to look forward to ….more details later!

The changes to the fixture list can be viewed here