World Postal Championships 2022 – The Andy Goddard Memorial

Report by Promoter Al Myers

Another great year for the IAWA World Postal Championships!!

This year we had 44 lifters compete (up 2 from last year) from the United States, Australia, England, and Canada. This World Postal Championships is one of three (with the World Championships and the Gold Cup being the other two) promoted by IAWA.   I want to REALLY thank all those that participated. Your participation is what makes this a great event!  As per the tradition the past few years, the lifts of the first day Worlds were contested.  I’ve included all class winners and best lifters, individual overall rankings for men and women, 3 person team rankings, and club rankings.

I want to give special mention to the overall winners in each category.  The Overall Best Men’s Lifter was ABE SMITH, and the Overall Best Women’s Lifter was BEATA BANAS.  The Overall Best 3-person Team went to CLARK’S GYM (Abe Smith, Randy Smith, and Dave DeForest).  The Overall Best Club went to METAMORFIT.   The Overall Best Association went to the USAWA, with the IAWAUK in second, and the ARWF in third.

The youngest lifter that entered Everett Todd at 9 years of age. The oldest lifter in the completion was Bill Clark at 90 years of age! The Clubs with the most lifters entered were KC Strongman and Metamorfit at 8 lifters each. I want to mention 5 lifters who competed as Exhibition Lifters (because of lack of an official to judge their lifts) just to show support to IAWA and the memory of Andy Goddard.  These lifters were Gary Ell, Jason Farrugia, Chad Ullom and two lifters from Canada – Syvia Stockall and Sarah Douglas.

If anyone notices any errors in these results please let me know as soon as possible so I can get things corrected.  Sometimes I have difficulties reading the handwriting on the official scoresheets.

Again, I want to thank everyone for entering this meet and making it an outstanding annual event in IAWA.

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