Drug Testing News

From Gary Ell – Drug Control Officer

Drug results update, from the British Power and Single lifts which were held in Eastbourne back in July.

This year and going forward for the foreseeable future, our testing is being analysed by King’s College in London to WADA standards.

Of the three samples taken, two were negative (athletes have been notified and thanked)

The other sample after extensive analysis, tested positive for an anabolic steroid, therefore the athlete involved was given the opportunity to explain/ pay for analysis of their B sample.

In this instance that option was not taken, so a lifetime ban from IAWA competitions has been enforced.

All records set by the athlete at the event, have also been removed.

Plenty of information on testing/substances/medications/supplements etc is available from the websites of WADA and Informed sport.

If you feel you may need a therapeutic use exemption these forms can also be found/printed and signed by your GP/medical advisor.

Thanks again for your support and assistance with our drug testing program.

Stay strong and I hope to see you at the Gold Cup in November 🤞