IAWA World Championship – 2nd&3rd October 2021 – Lebanon PA USA

Report from Al Myers (USA)

The number of lifters for Worlds were small this year – but the lifting was big!It was a difficult year for Worlds this year due to COVID and the lack of lifters being able to travel, but the SHOW went forth. Many thanks to Denny and Judy for making that happen. I’m really glad for this even though it was not really possible for overseas lifters to attend to make it a true international competition, its better having it than not having it. I would hate to see Worlds cancelled two years in a row as the World Championships and the Gold Cup are the two big events for IAWA and are what defines IAWA. Now onto the lifting! Beth may have been the only women entered, but she put up great lifts in every event and would have been tough to beat by anyone. She’s super technical on the lifts with great form. Truly worthy of being the overall woman’s lifter. Randy Smith was the Overall Men’s Lifter. Randy has been involved with the USAWA and IAWA for 20 years now, and I swear he lifts and looks the same now as when he started! I’m not just saying this because he always brings me beer when we get together either. He was followed closely by Denny in total points. Denny had a great day of lifting which is hard to do when you are the promoter and focusing on putting on a good event. Third place overall was fellow Habecker’s Gym member Barry Pensyl. Barry has been lifting in the all rounds for many years, as well as Dave DeForest who made the long trip from Columbia, MO. It’s pretty rare now to be around lifters in this sport who have been doing it longer than me, but both of these guys got me beat on that having done their first meets in the early 90’s. Young Aidan Habecker had a great day of lifting as well. I have really enjoyed watching him mature into a qood all rounder thru these past few years. Also – got to really thank Terry and Lou for doing all the loading. These guys were loading so fast I about told them to slow down a bit so we could “stretch” the meet out a little longer!I can’t say enough about Judy and all she does for our sport. She made us a great lunch, did all the scorekeeping, and then made us a big banquet meal!!! I know Denny gets lots of “pats on the back” for all he does as meet director and as our USAWA President (which is well deserved), but without Judy I would worry that he might drop the gavel! To summarize – another outstanding World Championships which I was glad to be part of.

The Lifters
Randy Smith USA

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