I.A.W.A. Gold Cup 2023 – 4th November, Eastbourne

Entries are now being welcomed for the 2023 IAWA Gold Cup at MetamorFIT Gym, Eastbourne England!

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Please note – Closing Date for entries is Saturday 14th October!

The Gold Cup is IAWA’s annual international record breakers event.

To take part, lifters must be the holder of an IAWA World Record.

Lifters have the opportunity to choose a lift and attempt to break (or set) a World Record in their age and weight class on that lift, but the first attempt has to be for the record. Three further attempts can then be taken.

If successful they receive a trophy based on the theme ‘Gold Cup’ presented at the evening award ceremony.

Lifters also have the opportunity to compete against each other to determine the overall winner (based on Blindt score, age & bodyweight) for the Howard Prechtel Memorial Award.

Usually (time permitting) lifters have an opportunity to attempt a record in a second choice lift.

Please direct any enquiries to the promoter –

Paul Barette – Email iawa@metamorfit.co.uk