IAWA World Championships – 5th & 6th October 2024 – Eastbourne, England

Saturday & Sunday October 5th & 6th– IAWA World Championships

Promoter: Paul Barette Tel: 01323 726833 Email: iawa@metamorfit.co.uk

Venue: The Turing School, Eastbourne, England

Lifts: Day 1: Clean & Push Press(B31), Continental Clean to Belt(B45), One Hand Dumbbell Clean & Jerk(G6), Cheat Curl(E6)

Lifts: Day 2: Pullover & Push(B43), One Hand Zercher(E2), Hack Lift(C10)

Closing date for entries – Saturday 7th September!

The Turing School
The Auditorium

Click here for the entry form in PDF format

Click here for the information sheet in PDF format

Further information will be added to this post when available, including full timing arrangements and menus for the evening banquet.

The Royal Sovereign Suite – Evening Banquet Venue for Sunday 6th October